Cocktails and Candy Making Classes Curriculum has been planned by Mixologist Molly Wellman and Chef Dan Wells whose expertise are truly inspired by having a sweet fun time! To help you get ready for the holidays we will be offering one class before each of the three upcoming major holidays! Molly will show you how to make delicious drinks while Dan shows you how to make delightful candies! These classes are a combination of hands on learning and fun as well as detailed demonstration. When you leave with candy in hand you will be ready to tackle the holidays with some extra fun!

About Japps

Japps has been a Cincinnati favorite watering hole for a long time, but never has it seen such glory as it does now under the wings of mixologist Molly Wellman! Todays Japps is a marvelous beauty of shiny antique woodwork and rustic copper bar counters. Walking in to Japps today is like taking a step back a century ago with polished shoes and a ribboned top hat! Japps hosts an array of events ranging from Final Fridays Burlesque shows to Second Sundays Cooking Demonstrations, and now Japps is happy to host Cocktails and Candy Making Classes!

About Our Classes

In each class Molly will allow you to concoct your version of a virgin cocktail to drink during the class, and Dan will help you create your own handmade holiday candy to eat or take home! Half of each class will be hands on and half will be demonstration. For those who would like to add liquor to their cocktail a bartender will be on staff, but liquor is not included in the cost of the class. The cost of the class does include a virgin cocktail and candy for two people to enjoy or take home with them! We will also send you home with printed recipes of the cocktails and candies from the class!

November 18th Noon!

Thanksgiving Holidays Coming, be prepared with awesome Apple Cider Recipes and Peanut Brittle Candy Making Skills. This class is hands on for both parts, you will be able to mix your own type of Apple Cider choosing between Orange Peel Cider, Cinnamon Cider, Plum Cider, or Clove Cider mix your own combination to appeal to your taste buds! So, while drinking your Apple Cider you can then decide what kind of peanut brittle sounds good to you, we will have different ingredients to choose from, create your own while learning how! Eat your Peanut Brittle or take it home!

December 16th Noon!

Family time is here with Christmas and Hanukkah coming up, so be prepared with awesome Hot Chocolate Recipes and Home Made Candy Canes! This class is going to be partly demonstration and education on special hot chocolate recipes and secrets to brewing the hottest chocolate drink on the block! So, while your sipping on your delicious hot chocolate we will show you how to make Candy Canes in all shapes sizes and colors, an easy process you will be able to repeat in your own kitchen! Use them as ornaments to hang on the tree or around your home! Then eat your candy canes or take them home with you!

February 10th Noon!

The month of Love with Valentines Day Coming, be prepared with awesome Mulled Wine Recipes and Sweet Heart Shaped Lollipops! This class is a perfect valentines date, and is part hands on and part demonstration. Enjoy some Mulled Grape Juice as Molly educates you on Mulling techniques and spices that go well into a delicious mulled Holiday Wine. Then go home and create your own romantic mulled wine blend! As you sip your Mulled beverage Chef Dan will allow you each to create your own lollipop heart, pick your colors and additives and watch your lollipop come to life! Take a lick now, or take it home to lick later!

March 10th Noon!

St. Patty's Day class, details coming soon!

About Buying Tickets

Classes are sold for couples as one ticket is good for two people! If you have more than two people in your group you can buy multiple tickets. We can accommodate up to 30 couples per class, so you will have to call and reserve your spot after you have bought your tickets. Your ticket can be used for any of the 4 events listed, or you can buy multiple tickets to attend multiple classes! If you want to guarantee your spot in a specific class you must make your reservation at the time of purchase. If you purchased your ticket through an online discount site then you must call to reserve your spot in any of the classes offered on a first come first serve basis. Tickets are non refundable but we do promise to have an opening in a class for you since we are only selling as many tickets as we have room for in our classes. To purchase call Chef Dan at 513-384-8708